E3 - 2017 · E3 2017 - Sunday

E3 Sunday – My Highlights (1)

Let me just point out that I am NOT going to mention 4K, new Consols or Porsche at all, only MY favorite trailers, totally subjectively. I am not into Sport games, therefore they will also be left out (sorry).


Action RPG (Darksouls like)http://www.ashen-game.com/about/

Developed by Aurora44   [Xbox One and Windows PC]


The Last Night

Cinematic Platform game – Pixel Art

Developed by Odd Tales – Published by Raw Fury Games   [Windows PC and Xbox One]

Alexander got a Crush on that Trailer, we watched it 2 times ❤ Coup de Coeur 🙂


A Way Out

Co-op Action-Adventure video game by the creators of “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”.

Developed by Hazelight Studios   [PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC]

This is the Interview video because Josef Fares is so enthusiastic about his game that it is contagious. I loved that interview and I want to share it with you, as well as this Game that looks as amazing as was “Brothers”. I am very excited by this title.



Beautifully Hand-Drawn story suspended inside a Puzzle with a completely unique mechanic ❤   http://gorogoa.com

Designed, developed, and illustrated by Jason Roberts. Published by Annapurna Interactive   [PC and iOS]


Last Day of June


My Coup de Coeur ❤ …cause they look like Alex and I  😀  and probably also because Jess Cope (animator on “Frankenweenie”) is collaborating on that title.


Interactive Tale about Love and Loss

Massimo Guarini, with Ovosonico and 505 Games   [PS4 and Steam PC]

I am so excited about that Game! Here is the Interview, because we get some interesting insides, about the content and the idea behind it.